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Welcome to Sans Cravate restaurant in Bruges

You're welcome at Sans Cravate for unpretentious, honest cuisine. Food that might not look particularly innovative. Until you taste it. Then you rediscover that familiar dish in a refined, unfussy way. You taste it the way it is and that's how it's best.

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Simplicity graces
the menu

Our menu is overflowing with classic, yet award-winning dishes. We finish them with a subtle contemporary touch, without any unnecessary garnishes. Sans Cravate is where you eat pure cuisine that honours every carefully chosen ingredient on your plate.

The gourmet menu is perfectly balanced and proportioned: a top quality product takes centre stage and all the other ingredients play an important supporting role. They enhance each other. We ensure that all the flavours are beautifully balanced. You enjoy every dish we serve, from amuse-bouches to dessert. Because that is why you are here. 


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Sans Cravate and wine

A good dish calls for a good glass of wine. More than one, preferably. This is also reflected in the wine list, which is the result of our insatiable interest. If you choose the menu with accompanying wines, then each dish will be complemented by the ideal grape. Or let yourself be surprised by one of the wines on the menu, we will happily delve into our wine cellar for you.

At our webshop, you will also find various well-known and unknown wines and champagnes. Order a box and enjoy them at home!


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Complete your dinner with an overnight stay in La Suite

Your evening of carefree enjoyment doesn't have to end after dinner. You can continue your fantastic evening in our B&B La Suite, right opposite the restaurant.

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