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The story of

The story of Sans Cravate, La Suite and Bar à Vins


We believe that beauty is in the little things. It's the common thread in everything we do: it's in a sincere "Everything to your liking?" and in trying to create somewhere that feels like home. But for us, it's also in the moment that everything comes together beautifully, even if we didn't have an exact plan.

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Le dÉbut : 

Sans Cravate

What started out small has grown into something we could never have imagined beforehand. Sans Cravate is a story of the beautiful strength that lies in modesty. It has nothing to do with fireworks and stars here, it's all about the strength of simplicity. About the top products on your plate and how we prepare and present them as purely as possible. 

We cook honestly and without any frills, even if that does mean that the occasional error. We ensure you can taste the true flavour of our ingredients. And with every bite, you know: it's good the way it is.

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The sequel: 

La Suite

The moment you are welcomed to La Suite, you sense the beauty of unpretentious homeyness. You step into somewhere new and unfamiliar but which feels so familiar at the same time. Because the warm smile on our faces says: at La Suite you are welcome. 

Welcome to enjoy yourself and to be yourself, just like us. We may not be perfect, but we are as we are. Here is where we feel at home, as you can sense in every corner. While we didn't routinely map out La Suite, we leave nothing to chance for you either.

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Certainly not the end:

Bar à vins

Bar à Vins is the result of curiosity. Because is there anything better than discovering new things? Every bottle we bring up from our wine cellar for you is evidence of our passion for wine. Every glass is a symbol of inexhaustible fascination. Let the grape speak, we would love to share its story with you.

The beauty of Sans Cravate, La Suite and the Bar à Vins is in the realisation that we dared take the plunge, and succeeded. Because your smile tells us so.

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Discover it yourself and book your stay at La Suite or a table at Sans Cravate and Bar à Vins. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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