Creative, contemporary and above all lots of personality on and beyond the plate

A business with a soul: that is what we are trying to achieve at our restaurant.

We are everything that makes ‘Sans Cravate’. We do it all with equal passion and precision, whether we are converting our interior or choosing our delicious products. And the name speaks for itself. At Sans Cravate, which means No Tie, guests feel at home and relaxed.

Holiday period


Holiday period

Sans Cravate will be closed

°From 1/09 until 3/09/2020 (back open 4/09 for diner)

°From 3/11 until 5/11/2020 (back open 6/11 for diner)

°24/12 until 25/12/2020

°31/12 (closed only for lunch , diner we are open! )

°12/01/2021 until 23/01/2021 



Its hard to imagine

..but, in addition to my busy life as a mother of 2 young children (Arthur born in 2005 and Oscar born in 2007) and the hostess of our restaurant, I also work with modelling clay. It’s a hobby, a passion, something that belongs to me but that I want to share all the same. Only a small collection is on view at the restaurant.

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